Saturday, November 24, 2007


tade mud all day long.....gone by the wind from mediterranean sea i guess..
haih....cant afford to smile.frozen inside so do outside.
pretend to be happy with them but really i cant. how can it turn like this? i really cant figure it out. anyone know.tell me please...
the only thing that make me smile, and even laugh out loud is when chatting with my older sister.and when my mom told me "da tembam" when she look me via webcam.hahahaaaa.... i really miss them.only my sis at home rite now with my parents[jeles!]....wish i could orb to my house even just for one day....='( many things on my mind. i dont know how to write in here. pleaseeeeeeee...let me thrown out of everything inside...let me be in peace.
i miss my old friends. their kindness, our happy moments together. am i really has been forgotten? or maybe i'm the one who forget them. if so, please accept my apology from the deepest of my heart. i miss being around you guys...
being aroud 'this' people sometyme make me sad[sorry,no offence]. or should i say always in stead of sumtyme??..mayb. not blaming anyone. the one who should be blamed maybe the only me. not kind enough to others, being a mean girl(although it because of them), not have a super good manners, being noisy all the tyme,an annoying person. we jus have different characters that can mixed up well. hmmm...i should adapt with the situation. unfortunately, i am sensitive enough today. sorry for all the wrongs that i have done.
hope the sun shine brightly tomorrow and melting the frozen me ~~~~~~~~
.: please, i want to smile like always.i dun want to treat that person badly:.
=tetibe terdengar lagu blame on me=

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