Thursday, November 29, 2007

lone ranger

saye sunyi.saye rase sangat sunyi walopon kat cni sangat la hiruk pikuk dan bising. saye trase hidup keseorangan. saye xSUKE sensorang.sumtyme g klas sensorang, balek klas sensorang almost everyday. i hav to be brave. to survive by my own . although deep inside me i am very SCARED to be alone. almost hit by car so2 many tyme.thanx to Allah nothing happen to me up till now. tade org yg paham saye n even me myself pon tak paham ngan diri sindrik. I need a fren,a true fren.not pseudo fren and not a fren who make me as RIVAL.needing sum1 yang dapat bekongsi masalah, yang dapat paham saye, who can take me as i am =the most unperfect girl who had done many2 wrong things=

i am weak. weaker than i thought. pretend to be strong will not change a thing. saye da penat nak hadapi sumer nih sensorang. although i noe it almost impossible to get sum1 to understand me perfectly in here. sangat DEMAND mungkin permintaan tersebot. saye xnak mengeloh. saye cube manghadapi hidup kat cni ngan sedaye upaye saye. i wont giv up. NEVA! but i'm really tired. saye sedehh..

i need guidance, i need to be motivated. i need sumone to remind me to study=thanx ida=, i need sum1 to rely on. susa sgt nak dapat kawan yg btol2 paham kiter. SGT SUSAH. friends are very important to me. it doesnt mean i put my family less important. but at this moment, frens wil influence my life. far2 away from family. and of course, super damned homsik! im tired to think off it.

bukan xbersyukur dan membenci rakan2 di sekeliling saye. thanx for being around. but, i stil feel lonely, then didnt care much bout me or mayb i'm the one who didnt care much bout them.

uhwaaa...nobody noe bout my feeling inside. trase tade saper kesah lansung bout me rite now. i need help, i need support. i want to call my mom but it too late now. besides, i dun want to cry on the phone. i dun want make her worried bout me. even i got headeche she worried bout me much.

is the loneliness remain forever?? could i noe. only He noe. and i realise that i am not alone. Allah always be with me at any time, anywhere.

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khaY said...

nor.. knape dgn kamo nie.
berase keseorangan kah di sane.
em, klo ase gitu.. try make frens kt sane. jgn jln sesorg. ko kt ngr org. bhye. ajak deme g skali dgn kao. ke, ko yg siap lmbt neh? hehe. =)

nnt, ak oL ek. ak IM kao.
susa ckp kt cni.
dun be sad. stay tough. im always here 4 u dear.