Tuesday, March 25, 2008

there is a girl.


she's crying a lot lately.
other than crying, there's nothing she can do.

when she is angry.
she will cry.
when people pissed her off.
she will cry.
when she unable to manage her own problem.
she will cry.
when there is something that make her sad.
she will cry.
when she was alone in the croud of egyptian-in-tram
she wants to cry.
when people making fun on her.
she wants to cry.
when she missed her family.
she wants to cry.
whe she missed her bestie.
she wants to cry.
when she can't study well.
she wants to cry.
when her sister wants to get married soon.
she cried.
when she watch sad movie or drama.
she will cry.



people are so transparent.
alert to surrounding.
watch silently.
gather everything.
sure u will understand the circumstance
someone to asked about
jus for comfirmation.
exactly what in my mind!
cased closed===

i am not that type of jage-tepi-kaen-org that-much. :P
hanye memahami. gelak sindrik. and shut off.
enjoy the way i am. haha.


my condolence.
to nancy,who is the daughter of our landlord
she jus lost her newborn baby. :((
teribbly sorry for what had happend to her.
God,give her strength.

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