Monday, March 31, 2008

the worth of waiting

i'm waiting for her.... in my slip la tapi.. hehe...because she said in her mail.
'hurm... bosan aku la.. ko len kali oL tiap ari isnin kol 10.30 am waktu msia tau. hyaish.....'

which is mean, 4.30 am waktu egypt. huwaa....macam mustahil saje. huhuk.
tersedar kol 5.38am. yes.she did online .but she has sign out from ym at 5.36 am. sigh! lewat 2menet.

akhirnye ......the worth of waiting.... :D muncol jugak....
#so , i think i dun wanna wait for anyone else which is suwhat worthless.??

#i asked him to play the moldy peach song- anyone else but you by guitar since he really luv to play guitar. but he said that the song is like mangkok. sengal tol.tgk !!!-read da conversation yeh- wut happen now. hahaaa....kan da cakap lagu tuh bes..xcayeeeeeee..... :P

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