Monday, April 21, 2008

menulis kembali

oh, silap pule. bukan menulis lah. menaip. heh
sambungan bz seblom inih. ehehe... :P
bz geler ding dong sampei lupe nak updet blog. ghase nye tade efek pon kat kehidupan sume manusie kalo xhapdet blog kan? gyabo-

satu lagik drama telah di khatam. hihik. besssssss geler! hero pon bley tahan. heroin juge kiut. this is my opinion okeh, jike kamu tidak setuju. kisah hape daku. hahah. silee la menonton! bes! 11 episod + 2 special episod which 2 hrs for each. fuh!

j-dorama : Nodame Cantabile

enough besuke rie menonton citer. da stop. stil hav one more drama. but not interested. len kali lah. i start to worry bout my studying. huhuk. biochem has starting it lecture for this sem. and it wil continue until i get nausea and vomiting and become worst to hematemesis and maybe diarrhea and also dysentry. God, get me away from all those things. amen. haih. sebenanye nak cakap biochem yang sangat banyakkkkkkkkkkkk gelerr! biochemophobic! erk. i shud start luving biochem more than other subject. parasito continue with cistoide-or-whatever-it-spell.

i was feeling down because of my result in this few days. sumtyme i think this world is not fair. no matter how hard i study, how nice i try to be, but stil, i think i am not that good. still cant get the bes result and at leas, to be in the same level like them. i am sad. really. okeh i dunno what the exact word actually. sumtyme i regreting myself being a medical student. i lost my courage to continue studying. i'm tired facing all this things..

i know, i shudnt say things like this. i jus want to let go of everything inside me so that i can calm down. and i realize that, He know the best for me. this is the pathway that i choose, so i need to finished it no matter how hard it would be. and, i know that i need to study harder, study by heart. not playing around all the tyme. stop thinking unnecessary things.

go gurl! sure you can do it! sile study noure! please pray for me ye rakan-rakan.

/agak bengang : sile bagi pluang utk saye becakap. not asking u larh. sile jgn nak menyebok slalu. panas jer ghase. blame the hormone, please.bak kate kak dijah. heheh. /

/agak eksaited : mahu membuat inaba. ape inaba kah? eheh. resepi ciptaan kak Ina. so jadi la begitu. hoho. sume barang da ade. mayb sok mule kan projek. :D /

/agak teringin : sebenanye mahu juge membuat cheese cake. bajet tade laaaa..huuu.. teringin makan cheese cake dari ritu. huuu.. nak request cheese cake for my bufday bley?? plis. plis. plis. get one slice cheese cake from costa coffee is more than enough! ngeeee :P/

/agak penat : klas bemule pukol 8 everyday for this week. huwaaa... malas nye nak bangon awal. huhuk./

/agak mengantok : jadi saye mahu tido dulu yeh! gudnite!/

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ain said...

semangat noure!!
btw,ain pum da nengok nodame cantabile tu.hiks.