Wednesday, April 16, 2008


akhirnye result muncul!
after everybody has return home alredy.
err... mebi only me who has return home for my section. haha. :P

i said that i dun want to go icdl and skill class rite?yup, i really dun go. no doubt for icdl.
but, taking soo many consideration for not attending skill class.
since this week is continuation of radiology.- ct scan and mri for abdomen i guess.. and those are related larh...- to go, or not to go? since i is at home alredy. thinking bout half an hour journey by tram. and they said that it jus a short session. not taking that full 2hours. more or less for one hour only. haish...

asking ewa. wether she go or not.(we both were never attend icdl class since it has started :P) = no answer. adei!
and ask this sumone.

noure nisa: nak g skil ker nak ponteng ek?
org itu : ponteng

he said what i realy wished him to say.yeah.and he can't condemn me for play truant since he was also not attended that skill class before. ngehehe. fair! so i decided to skip class and sleep! :D

during my sleep then everybody is return home. adei! dun make too noise la gurl. u guys are entering my drem lah. huhuk. seyes! haha...

and when asza return home. she make another noise.huhuhuh. "result da kuar!"
huwaa... is that for real?! or jus dreaming??? ... sleep no more!

how about my result??
huwargh... msging farahin " farahin! aku ade fail x? cuak! " then she called.
she's not checking for my result la pulak. sigh.
and guess what..

" eh, bukan ker ngah klas skill.tade klas ker? "
" skill cancel"
"hahahah... sebaek aku xgi!! ngahaha"

lucky! :D

ohhoo.. shud worried bout result! we decided to go back to uni. no! we can't stand anymore. curiousity kills the cat! but i am not cat. hehe..

the end of waiting. alhamdulillah. although my result was not as gud as before but i satisfied. ye ke? hmm... at leas i am not failed for my biochem since that was i worried sooooo much!
very unexpected result for everyone. really! really! yasir pon unable to maintain his 4flet. huuuu.. i must study harder! but wont push myself too much. heheh

yer, exam has come to the end. alhamdulillah, although my microbio paper was not soo gud i guess. haih. struggle for final! jus spending my tyme at home mebi. nowhere to go. want to compensate my sleep back. hahah. dreaming of sumone that i'm gonna miss this coming few day. hahah. tammo lah!

stil not finished talking kah? haha. yer, wanna killed my time here. before get sleep. ngehngeh. okok. mebi u reader has tired reading my budak-dajah-3 sentence. haha. shadaaapp :P

stil hav one thing to say.

L : Change the World
my coolest guy has come back! released since 9.2.2008 actually. in japan lah/ but in malaysia is now showing.! wawawawa... my damned cool L! mahu menonton!!!. anyone?

#the story is about the last 23 days of L. It is basically after death note 2 when Light died, he still have 23 days left to live. He used the 23 days to stop the virus breakout. L is still smart as to outwit his opponents. of course la! my hero kan... ngehehe..

haa u ols, better not to watch Sexy Voice And Robo if u dun want L image get destroyed. ahaha... but i like that story la jugak. hehe. the other side of Kenichi Matsuyama(L) is revealed. he act as an immature Otaku who is obsessed with toy robots. g lah tgk!

okeh enough for today. ja ne.

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saje saje boring said...

mr aman nye result cmne?ok k x?
tatau lak result ye..patho die ok k?coz ritu mlm patho baru ye balik nk exam..hoho..bkn slh aku ye stay cairo lame..aku da byk kali pksa die balik...