Thursday, April 3, 2008

#sebey 2


Your mom calls you?
- anis. and sumtyme nisa... :)

What is your favorite shake in zagu?
- naver drink zagu. neva heard before. neva found the outlet.

What movie/s are you waiting for?
- L change the world. biler nak kuar muvi nih? haih

If you wanted to be in a band, what
position do you want to be in?
- vocalist bley??hanco laaa band tuh. hahak

What is the nastiest thing you've
ever touched?
- no idea rite now.

Do you want to live with your gf/bf
- i want to live wit my husband sumday. till the end of my life. :) haha..poyo jer.

Where is the place you want to be
right now?
- go to bed. nak tidow...

What song do you listen to feel
- YUKI - Yorokobi no Tane ... sangat comeyl sore tuh!

What movie/s made you cry?
- yamada taro. attention please. and they are drama actually. huih sejak biler laaa da pandai menanges tgk citer nih??? emo tol.

Name famous people you had a crush
- arase monji, L. they are damned cool! -unfortunately they jus an actor. haih-

What is your favorite drink?
- sky juice.

Who is/are the cartoon characters
that you like?
- patrick! -spongebob squarepants- oh,,,, makcik glemer curik patrick saye!!!

Coke or Pepsi?
- neither. boykot laaaa..

In a week, how many times do you
go online?
- 7 days a week. haha. unles if connection are mengong.

Describe yourself in one word.
- sengal

What's the first thing you do when
you wake up?
- takin my phone. what's tyme now?

What's the last thing you
do b4 u go 2 sleep?
- go to toilet.

Something about you that you're
proud of?
- do i hav any?? i dun think so.. and, shud not be proud of.

Are you in-love?
- honestly, yes.

What's your mobile number?
- 010-1248642. ''sorry, the number u have dialed is not in service''

Are you happy?
- not really.

- i jus dun. what so matter?

Is there sumthing you wanna d0?
- puding jagung... :D beli bahan suda...

What are you listening to
right now?
- the world is black. good charlotte

Complete this
sentence: THE WORLD NEEDS..
- doubt.

What was the last thing you ate?
- nasik dan ayam.

If you were a crayon, what color
would you be?
- orange

What did you eat for breakfast?
-eat nothing. usually. ish3

What are you wearing?
- baju kurung. stil not changing. haha :P

Favorite day/s of the week?
- friday. the only off day! huhuk

How many text messages are in your
- 77 messages only. and they keep saying your memory is low. haih

What does the sixth message in your
inbox say and from
= khay. whatever mud u are in now. i wish sumhow. my sms made u SMILE.

When was the last time you cried?
- can't remember. emosi stabil suda.

Something that happened today that
made you smile?
- anato assesment. haha.

What was your dream this morning?
- i dream nothing.

What songs do you want to hear
- nasyid? huhu

Do you worry about how you look?
- hurm.. beyse saje.

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