Saturday, May 31, 2008


something jus isnt right. yes, i can feel it. but i dont know what is wrong. dunoo...
hmm... mebi i start to worry bout my exam. which only about 2o days from now. huwaaa...
i want to eat something. but i dont know what to eat. yes, i eaten alredy. but feel like to eat again and again. yet, dunno what to eat. haih.

i have no reason to be sad. but feel like i am sad. i am not. serious. is it due to lack of sleep?. i was slept very late lasnite. and woke up a bit early. few tyme before my bowling for soup start to sing their song. my alarm lah. make my body temperature rise a bit. i think. i can feel it.

hmm.. tade mud lah. gone by the wind. ohhh, i need someone something to cheer me up. return back my energy. i sleep for an hour after class. but nothing change. haih.

dah la, i need to study.

it jus. something wrong somewhere.Photobucket

Friday, May 30, 2008

kinda bz lately dan tenet macam chipsmore.

hanye lah kotak yang berisi blueberry cheesecake di dalam nye. heheh. smart kan kotak tuh. errr.. tak ker? whatever u say. but i think the box is pretty cool. hahah. and of course, the cheesecake is awesome. not super damned delicious i think but satisfied la. =)

ehem. tade sape nak blanje lah. me-ewa-farahin tros menuju ke hot and cold after anatomy practical exam. the exam? screwd one question that supposed to answer it right. do not change your answer yer kawan2. and the rest? serahkan pade yang pakar. hohoh. alhamdulillah. and need to struggle for finals.

back to hot and cold story. name kedai laaa.. spending our tyme waiting for geler lambat org tuh buwat keje. jus nak pack 4 cake into the boxes and make 2 cappuccino ice and 1 hazelnut drink-or-whatever-it-name-i-forgot-la eating those cheesecakes and cappuccino-ice-ewa-blanje. heheh... sedap2!

selepas inih da de target baru. after exam parasitology prac we plan to have some sultana's icecream. promise to treat them both though. i wonder what's nex. wait until parasit exam la. sure we hav new plan. hahah. :P

my story is all about makan today. heheh. petang smlm pule pegi umah dila. we have never been there. err. i mean me and kay. dila penah ckp seblom nih "korang datang la umah aku... bebile pon xkesa... nati aku masak la." wink! heheh. so kami dtg sesaje utk makan melawat beliau dan umah beliau. heheh. thanx dila. tp makan sket jer pon sebab beliau masak pedas.. huuu... can't eat a lot.

biler blk umah nyesal makan cket jer. haha. trase lapar lah pulak. bz all night in front of laptop. heheh. wont tell ya. :P until half an hour before midnight someone called ask me to go down. jus for few minutes. erk.. apekah? da lambat lah. adoih! neway time kaseh yeh hadralmaut tuh. sedaaapp. geler kenyang dan tdo dengan gembirenye selepas kekenyangan. heheh. :P

=tenet nih bebetol macam chipsmore. kejap ade jap tade. i need to call my family before they go to pd. and before i get homesick la for not calling home. and i am sure i would be jealous for the family day they have planned. huwaaaaaa...T_T =

Monday, May 26, 2008

esok selase

hehe.. kamu tahu ape yang saye tunggu setiap ari slase skarang inih? haaa... inih die...

sile jangan gelak! who knows me well especially. hahah... rase nye saye yang gelak kat diri sindrik... :P

biler bgtw housemate saye tgk citer nih "waaahhh.. noure tgk citer mlayu! xsangkeee.." erk. statement agak kejam. hahahh..
org tuh ckp mcm nenek2 tgk citer mlayu. cis! kejam jugak. (note utk org itu : kekejaman yang dikatekan skali skale? hari2 slalu okeh! heh :P )

macik Kay a.k.a ousmet suh tgk citer Ezora. erk. semalam tgk 1 episod. kemudian da malas. hahah.. laen kali lah yeh.

bes sgt ker citer sindarela tuh? ermmm... biase saje. cume nak tawu la kan what happen in the end. so tepakse la tgk. ekekeke.... bile laaa nak abeh. heh.

oh, esok ari slase. bebrape ari lagik utk prac anatomy. huwaa... study dulu! =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

masih lagi

happy birthday my dear khay!
bestest frens eva. syg kao! miss u la mek! huuu....


i shud say that i am jealous.
khay dan bolat hanging out together.
i want join them too!!
dan gembire bile khay want to treat me cheese cake. lalalala~
da lame xsehepi tyme ceting ngan khay pg tdk. :DDD
dgn beliau. i can talk about anything freely!!
yes, about anything. dari sekecik2 bende sampai la sebesar bende.
i am so comfort talking with her.
which i cant find sumone like that here. =(

encik blog entah2 kamu juge suda bosan yeh dgn saye.
da tammo denga saye merepek yeh?
encik blog, saye harap kamu akan setia menjadi tempat saye merepek.
saye hanye ade kamu sahaje encek blog. dan seseorang. time kaseh juge.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

semalam semalam

kisah khamis lalu...ketika gap menunggu kelas biochem..
farahin tetibe rase nak makan something. noure tetibe rase nak makan hadramaut. bejaye mempengaruhi ewa utk ikot. dan akhirnye qiqi dan paan join skalik. hahah. pas exam histo tros
menuju ke mandarah. makan! makan!

i want some more! lotsss more!! :D
melepak minom asir. nyumnyum. shedappppp...
ohhh, kenape hadramaut dan kedai asir tuh tade dekat2 ngan cni... haih..


saye baek-baek saje.
jgn risau yer.
cume skarang ini.
saye mahu sangat pulang ke malaysia.
rindu kat sume org.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


the last one. akhirnyer! choc of birthday present.. heheh

i was very ill last nite. i think. my body temperature risen up. err.. didnt measure though. and las nyte was very hot nyte. fuh! it quite sum tyme i am getting sick. it miserable. huuu... sadness all around.

alhamdulillah. i get better this morning. go to lecture as usual. but, got some blurred vision. jus my eyes cant focused on the object.somewhat pain on my eyes.. hmm. i dunno the exact term lah. what was it eh? and when exposed to hot weather, i start to get headche. jus mild kot. but still up till now. huuu... overall, i think i am fine now. maybe jus fatigue and need lotssss some rest.

our skill class today held in university hospital on topic of jaundice. and we met a patient. he was a lawyer. was, which he is until about 5 month ago. neva mind bout his job. about 2 years ago he has jaundice. he was actually did not notice it but his family did. so he went to see doctors and the lab diagnosis say that he was having hepatitis C virus. CT scan show fibrosis at right lobe of his liver. and he was treated with supportive treatment. he has history of birharziasis at 10 years old but it is treated.

he was okay then until january 2008 when he got epistaxis and admitted to hospital. then he is diagnosed having tumor in his liver. he has been in hospital for 5 month and now, he is undergo conservative treatment such radiofrequency and waiting for new drug from germany. the doctor say something bout using interferone for the treatment but he did not use it. in my understanding, it is the way to treat his condition as the doctor told us. but maybe due to many factor he did not use interferone.

i pray him better health. and have strong will to fight against his cancer.

:. hmm.. i shud learn arabic by hook or by crook! what going to happen in my clinical year nati?! adoih!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

offline note.

it was a sudden onset.
i cry badly.
i dont know how to stop it.

i miss them.
i miss the tyme we spent together
i miss the things we laugh about.
i miss the endless nonsense
i miss the tyme we eat together.
i miss the tyme we hang around
i miss the tyme we studying

and the tears keep on flowing.
miss them.. sooo much!

12.35am , 20.5.2008

singing out loud.
recover. =)
but still.
swelling of the eyes. huhuh.
12.51am. 20.5.2008

:::. pharmacology practical exam today. alhamdulillah. :)

:::. rase kelengaian yang melampau sepanjang ari. xlarat... kelenguhan kaki dan tangan yang tibe2. sampai xbleh tdo dgn lena. mengape kah? :(

Monday, May 19, 2008


kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang sangat xamik kisah
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang sangat sensitif even mende kecik pon
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang hepi dan ceria
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang bermuram dan trase malas nak bercakap ngan sume orang.
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang geler rajin
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang geler la malas
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang bising
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang senyap tak berkate2
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang optimis ngan bende berlaku kepadanya
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang pessimist dan hopeless ngan bende yang berlaku
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang boleh berfikir dengan rational
kadang-kadang saye manusie boleh jadi sorang yang suke pikir bukan-bukan

hidup ni xselalunye indah. sume nye kadang-kadang.
walau apepun. hidup perlu diteruskan.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

i found it in my picture folder

say hi! to mr toothy.. we hav been together for almost 2years! heheh.. my windows media player lah. love it so much.. heheh

winter.1st year.2006. nih kat sidi gaber. menghantar manusie2 yang nak ke cairo ketika raye aidiladha. =)

dari tengahari dan terus besambung ke malam bermain chocolatier 2 inih. heheh. tataw la da abeh ker lom. skang nih da bz bermaen internet dan takde mase utk bemaen. heheh.

sudah lame dihabiskan sebenanye. inilah terjadi biler takde internet keje. heheh

kawaii L =)

#trase mahu mengupload gamba. no story for today. jus, i was woke up really late for my lecture. sigh!. sile jgn tdo lagik slepas jam berbunyik. but doesnt mean i didnt attend the lecture okeehh.. :P

#no medical ethics practical for today. sebaek daku pulang ke rumah dahulu mase gap. heheh... postpone to thursday. 8am. adoih.

#starting from this week onwards. i will have my practical exam. for this week,pharmacology on tuesday. histology on thursday. wish me luck. =)

Friday, May 16, 2008


totemo kanashii

the good old days

semase sedang study, saye tetibe teringat seswatu ketika zaman sekolah menengah dahulu. membuatkan diri ineh tersenyum sensorang. hahah. blom geler lagik lah. :P

cerita inih berkisar mengenai kuiz yang pernah disertai ketika skola dulu. maaflah jika ayat terlalu skema. :P
semuanya bermula secara kebetulan. dan amat tidak menyangkekan. suatu hari, cikgu biology bertanye same ade saye berminat utk menyertai satu kuiz alam sekitar or whatever-it-name. agak pelik. saye bukanlah seorg yang terer bio2 nih. hahah. cikgu ckp mereka rekemenkan saye untuk menyertai kuiz tersebut. lalu saye pun bersetuju. why not la kan. saje jer menggedik wakil skola. hahah... dan ini merupakan pertama kali skola kami menyertai kuiz tersebut.huhuh. ape laaa nak akan jadik nt..

okeh saye takde idea lansung cene kuiz ituh. hampir terlupa pasal kuiz itu pon biler cikgu suatu hari mengingatkan esok adelah kuiz tersebut. erk. keesokan hari nye, bersama 2 lagi rakan iaitu farehah dan izzuddin amir (apai) g la ke skola d mane kuiz tersebut diadakan. okeh, ini merupakan peringkat pertama.

sangat menyedehkan apabila name skola kami tade pon mase nak daftar. adoih! akhirnye, tah cene tah kami dapat gak join jugak kuiz tuh. hoh. untuk peringkat pertame nih kami hanye menjawab bebrape soklan. err... xingat tapi banyak la jugak. macam exam tuh la.. duk kat dewan and jawab la paper tuh. dgn soklan yang banyak dan mase yang singkat. adoih!. sempat tgk kat blackboard. "owh. kuiz alam semulajadi name nye..." ..hahah, kelaka. soklan jugak banyak bekisar pasal pokok2 dan hutan mutan serta kayu kayan. adoih!
sempat usya org sebla ketika menjawa soklan.. wuuuu... die jawab salah lah! hahah :P kondifen jer. tah2 aku yang salah. heh...

then it over, biler da abeh tuh tergelak jer kami. berbincang la sket and compare jawapan ngan farehah n apai. tataw laa betol ker salah. hahah...

okeh.. sekian lame berlalu.. lagik skali kuiz ituh telah dilupekan. meke cakap meke akan announce saper dapat g peringkat strosnye dalam satu tarikh. tataw la bile. heh.

dan pada suatu dari, ketika perasmian minggu aktiviti kat skola tetibe pengetua mengumumkan bahawe skola kami dapat mewakili negeri sembilan ke pringkat strosnye dalam kuiz alam semulajadi. sume org bertepuk tangan. saye mmg blur. sebenanye xdenga sgt pon pe pengetua ckp tyme tuh. dengo xdengo jer. biler tetibe sume org ckp tahniah kat saye. erk. apekah? wakil n9? amende nih? tah2 salah org. adoih laaa.....

hahah. upe nye result kuiz tuh kuar kat paper. yer, mmg skola kami mewakili n9 for the nex level. hahah.. seyes klaka! nex level diadekan kat skola sri putri, cyberjaya. berlawan ngan satu skola dari kl(errr..xingat name skul tuh), skola dari melaka.. of course la mrsm jasin(mmg slalu meke laaa akan menang.kate cikgu bio ku. heh).. dan skola sri putri ituh sindrik. satu hari sblom kuiz peringkat zon ituh berlansung, kami baru berkesempatan untuk berbincang sedikit sebanyak pasal alam smulajadi ituh. cikgu ade bagi sedikit note so kami jus bace jer la ape yang cikgu bagi tuh.

untuk level kali nih, bukan la mcm exam dah. kami kene duk kat stage. menjawab soklan secare lisan. adoih! xgheti nak explen. kome paham la kan cene kuiz2 slalu di buwat. heheh. persaingan sgt sengit. ye ke? hahah. muke sume org sangat kondifen dan seyes. membuatkan kami cuak! huhuh. tawu jer la kan apai tuh kan byk mulut. sgt sengal la kami ketika dok atas stage depan sume org. bley lagik maen2. xseyes lansung! heh.

heheh... yer laa... sebenanye mmg la cuak. tgk owg laen sumer hebat2 blake. kami nih, habok pon tarak. heh. jadik kami mengambik prinsip. jus enjoy the game. kalo menang, menang la. kalo kalah, kalah la... heheh...
teka.. menang ker kalah??? hahahha.... kami menang jus one point jer ngan jasin! hahah.. nak tawu rahsie, kalo jasin xtuka jawapan soklan las tuh sure meke akan menang. meke da buat jawapan yang betol taw. pastu d saat2 akhir meke menukar jawapan. not peeping out lah. hanye ternampak. dan kami mmg la da siap ngan jwpn kami :D... ngeeee...

tuh la rezki name nye.....alhamdulillah. kami berjaye mara ke peringkat strosnye... hehe..sgt xsangke lah. dengan ketidak seyesan kami. menang akhirnye... worh!

sile lihat akhbar skor, muke depan.xingat bape aribulan. ghase nye dlm bulan 4 tawun 2005 sebagai bukti kemenangan kami. lalalalla... :P adoih, muke ku yang huduh terpampang d surat kabar tuh...puyoooooo... bangge skejap. ngahaha... slame sminggu muke ku tertampal kat lobby skola. wuu... malu2!

hahah.. part paling besh... next level ialah peringkat kebangsaan. yang membunge2 kan ati kami ialah pertandingan strosnye diadekan di labuan! huhuh.. besh2! dalam otak memasing hanyelah nak g bejalan. hahaha.. ampeh!

the day came.make kami pon terbang lah ke labuan.2jam lebey gak. seblom tuh agak struggle gak la study pasal utan2 nih. heheh... labuan is jus a small town. kami ushar plate kete hanye lah sampai huruf C. during that tyme la. tataw la skang cene kan. heheh. dok kat beta apartment yang bersambung tros ngan shopping complex. ujana kewangan kot name tempat tuh.teringat maen bowling memalam. cikgu firdaus blanje. dan biler abeh jer maen around 10 pm mmg da tutop mall ituh. hahah. tara orang lansung and cekgu ngan slambenye berkaki ayam bejalan dlm mall ituh. adoih. sape yang kenal cekgu firdaus tuh taw la perangai beliau yang sgt sengal ituh. siap crite kat pengetua lagik pasal keningku!! cis. (hahah.. that another story bout my kening.. :P)

oh ya, kuiz ialah tajuk utama citer inih. kami berhadapan nagn skola dari johor, skola dari perlis, dan skola dari sarawak. err... xingat name skol2 tersebut. ngeeee..... dan inilah takdir kami, we lost. the winner is skola dari johor. at leas, kami dapat berjalan2 dan skip kelas dengan gembire nye.. hahah...

fuh! what a long story. shuwit memory yang xdilupe. =) heheh.. nih gare2 berkonferen ngan rakan2 serting la petang tadik
ade konferen kat u arinih. dan petang tadik pulak bob invite me to join bebudak sertink nye konferens. heheh.. it good to hear bout their life although we were not close to each other. heheh..
i miss my school life lorh.. and i miss home .. huuu..

penat dah menaep! bubai!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

it all about the music

have u heard about flirty @10.30.
for those who is a listener, i am so sure u ever heard about this show.
honestly speaking, i luv to hear the show.heheh.
listening online la of course.
it is basically about u hav crush on someone.
and u are tooo shy to ask him/her out for date.
so u ask to help u set up the date by sending your detail and all that.
for the lucky winner, will call you,
asking why u want to go date with him/her
on air....
then they will call the person u asked for the date.
on air la jugak.
kinda risking yourself to be rejected by him/her with malaysian are listening
or lucky enough him/her will agree to go on a date with you.

but actually, i my deep...deep opinion.
it was just like stupid i also stupid love listen to the show?? erk!
as it was usually girl who is asking boy for a date.
erk.. helloo..... in a national radio station?? adoih
ask them yourself sudae...... heh

noo... i am not courage them to go out for a date.
especially for malay people which of course la they are Muslim.
it not nice laaa... but people nowadays.
i dunno how to say.
and i wont say too much because i know i am not that perfect to say such a thing.

semalam last sc with kak jojie for this 2nd year. no more after this since we will have our exam soon.
since most of us will going back to malaysia. our main discussion is mainly about remaje2 kat malaysia. to be honest, i am grateful i was here, in egypt. with the better surrounding (read: from the social aspect laaa).

guess what.
kak jojie bake a cake for qhalida and and me for our birthday. hehehe.. :D
it was marble choc cheese cake! worh! it awesome!
theheheheeeee... at las, i can hav my cheese cake. :D
tenkiu kak jojiee!!!! i am gonna miss ur cook for sure! hehheh.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i was trying hard to deny this kind of feeling.
but, still..
it give some minor effect to me.
minor okeh.
jus involving my own self.
and try to be cool to others.
no need to worry. shinpai janai =)
i just want to feel a bit relief.
by writing it in here.
please, go away all those feeling...
naah... i think it cant.
but i am so sure.
tyme will wash it away...
seems it has happened before.
and i am already get used of it.
i am matured enough to think. 20 okeeh.... hahah.. :P
and i know.
i still have people who will always be with me.
thanks... =))

[dun ask...please]


telah di tagged by aida. aiyoh.
try to answer it.

7 fakta tentang saya

1. i hate walking alone. seyes. tapi skang suda membiasekan diri. i have to.. sigh.
2. saye membosankan.
3. mudah pecaye dgn kate2 manusia lagi2 biler muke mereka jugak seyes. adoih! tolong jgn buat begitu. huhuh
4. saye suke tdo di sudut katil kalo bleh nak lekat kat dinidng dan mesti ade slimut serta bantal pelok as protective mechanism. heheh.
5. after balik msia nt, saye mahu menukar mood bilik inih kepade kale2 stripey. tgk lah! heheh.
6. i am now addicted to nodame cantabile manga lah pulak. aiyoh!
7. muke xbeprasaan. muke buwat bodo dan lengai. heh

7 perkara yang menakutkan saya(kat dunia)

1. exam dan seangkatan dengannye. termasuk result dan juge failed. huhuk.
2. melintas jalan sensorang dgn kereta yang geler lah banyak nye. adoih!
3. injection. hahah. saye benci syringe dan sewaktu dengannye yang mencucuk ke bdn ini. xsuke!
4. suis lampu kat toilet umah lame. penah kene electric shock menyebabkan saye tros xberani nak tekan suis tuh bare hand. serik!
5. segale jenis parasit-parasit yang telah saye blaja. dan menyebabkan saye stop memakan kibdah. tetibe kang ade facsiola plak kang. tobat2!
6.lipas. tolong. sile jgn hampiri saye.
7. kehilangan insan-insan tersayang. sangat!

7 lagu buat masa sekarang

1. bowling for soup - when we die
2. pearl jam - last kiss
3. yuki - yorokobi no tane
4. buckcherry - sorry
5. the click five - happy birthday
6. dido- white flag
7. aliff azizi - cinta arjuna ??? doubted ade org bagi smlm. hahah...

7 perkara yang selalu saya sebut

1. sile study noure!
2. oyh!
3. sengal
4. adoi!
5. aaaaa?
6. balik klas nak study! heheh.. kat dlm ati la... :P
7. haishhh...

7 perkara yang amat bernilai

1. parents
2. siblings
3. friends
4. life
5. love
6. health
7. myself! heheh

7 "pertama kali" dalam hidup saya

1. petame kali masuk skola rendah mase dajah satu
2. petame kali masuk skola menengah mase form 1
3. petame kali tgk dunie mase 1.50 am, 2 mei 1988. -waktu malaysia okehh-
4. petame kali blaja pasal medical ethics ialah ari ahad arituh. heheh
5. pertama kali ke mesir pade 4 oct 2006 7 oct 2006. thanks to azim correcting the mistake. heheh..
6. petame kali amik SPM mase 2005. dan tiade yang kedua. of course.
7. petame kali saye buat tagged ini. :P

7 org yang bertuah(kena jawab tag nie)

1. sume
2. rakan-rakan
3. sudah
4. buwat
5. tagged
6. ini
7. mungkin

Monday, May 12, 2008

girls!! luv u all..... :D

stelah berkurun beday telah berlalu. smlm baru meraikan besame rakan2 section. hehe. sebenanye celebrate beday utk bulan 5. saye dan kak nik. unfortunately, kak nik xbleh dtg coz x sehat... huu... mintak maap kak nik, saye tolong potong kan kek yeh.. heheh....
and thanksss a lot kepade korang sumer!!!
makanan sedap2! again mee bandung kak nawar masak sedaap!! heheh...

my dearest section 4..girls la.
maizatul, paan, kak nana, qiqi, nut, azreen, kak chem, nadiah, maisarah, kak iman, ewa, farahin, mira, kak tika, ida, aton, hannah, kak nawar.
tiade dalam gamba..... kak nik, beyl, chan.

my birthday cake lorh... eh2. our birthday cake. heheh... 2 kali sambut beday kat egypt besame section. both makan kek aiskrim. haha. rakan2. tawun depan shaye nak cheese cake pulak booley? heheh.....

nut suh letok gambo nih kat blog. she was sitting on me! adoih. beghat2! hahah..

happy wedding? erk. asza yang bagi. heh

hehe. time kasey kat sume org... :D shayang anda sumer!

sume org pandai memasak. besh! heheh..

Friday, May 9, 2008


friday.. the only day off...
arini skali lagi kami bermaen aer mediterranen.heheh
kali nih besame sc with kak jojie.
pagi2 bute lagik da kuar umah.
about 6 am.
enam pagi yeh rakan-rakan.
da cerah pown..

but we start a bit late menunggu sumer org dtg.
begabung besame sc kak aisyah..
sedikit tazkirah dari kak aisyah.
kemudian ape lagik..
makan! ngehehe...
sedaaaaaaaaapppp sume org masak. heheh.

then biler da kenyang.
mule bermaen laut!
kali nih saye sgt excited utk mandi laut!heheh..
onbak agak kuat.
and geler sejuk!
build a sand castle macam budak-budak!
seronok lah!!!

balik umah around 10 am.then sambung tdo balek sampei kol 3pm.
aiyo.. banyak nye tdo. semalam juge tertdo awal mase menunggu org ituh abeh bemaen game.heh around 11.30. hahah

this morning i cet with my kak long. she is stil in her office kat kl.
then this evening i cet with her again, mean nite la kat malaysia. she is alredy at home.
mentang-mentang da drive kete sindrik.
every weekend balik umah. jeles2!

family day without me again.
huhuhuk... sadis sungguh! =(

=skang ngah layan nodame cantabile manga lak. adoih! addicted to nodame.. heheh=

Thursday, May 8, 2008

#sebey lagik : [currently happy :D]

Last person you called:
home shuwit home. =)

Last sms from:
me amor ke org laen ek? mungkin da delete las msg. huhuh..

Last sms to:
me amor..

Last hangin out with:
kay and intan. go to sc.

Last person angry with you:
i think no one... =)

Last person make you feel angry:
i am in a gud mud. so, did not angry to anyone. =)

Last gossip:
haaaa... brebut laa kome.... hahah... budak2 xmatured mahu budak kecik ituh. hahah..

Last person say i luv u to you:
las nite? :P

Last chat with:
my 2nd sis and in d same tyme wit me amor la. heheh

Last song you listened to:
teardrop on my guitar. kat

Last holiday:
luxor and aswan.

Last movie at cinema:
kat masia lame dulu..

Last dvd:
dvd citer nodame? heheh

Last dream:
hahah. org ituh? xingat la mimpi ape... :P

You still love someone, but someone
else comes to you, will you open your
definitely NO. one and only laaa... heheh

Do you easily fall in love with
emm. ye ke ek? it taking sum tyme la jugak without me realize. hahah.. =P

What makes you fall in love with
hahah. why shud i tell u here? lalalalala~

With whom can you always tell about
your love life?
khay? heheh..

Have you broke someone's heart?
entah. mcm xde jer.. =)

What will you do if your bestfriend
(opp sex) falls in love with you?
errr... it will never happen maybe.

What language(s) have you studied?
malay, english, arabic, jawe? hahah..

Do you cook?
yes. every 5 days...

Have you ever seen a ghost?
nope. i dun want to..

How do you keep memories?
gamba ber my personal diaries? hahah..

Will you forget your friends?
hope not...

How do you heal a broken heart?
glue rather than stich it. so less scar are formed. hehe.

Do you prefer to watch the movie or
read the book?
book before exam. movie before after exam.

Who are you currently missing right
khay. i saw sumone like her today. huuu..

is there a person who is on your mind
right now?
me amor? hehe

where is the last place you went?
kedai roti Fino. membeli croissant choc. geler lapa.

do you smile often?
depend on mud jugak. try to smile always.. =)

who is the last person you hate?
no one.

++ thanx for make my day... :D ++

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

it is nothing but.....

i shud say i am proud of myself today.
bcause, for the first tyme i go to icdl class. hahah again. :P
semangat taw nak pegi klas comp tuh!

"ko g klas comp x sok?"
"pegi! pegi!.. semangat aku nak pegi sok..."

cekgu start to teach silibus for today.
hard to tell. but we are learning excel now. huhuk.
and believe me. many things that i dun know. and of course la u guys pon tataw gak kan.:P actually, i hav learnt it before at school.
but, normal for people la. easily forget things..


function that i learn today. and the cekgu ask me to do that in front of class.. haha.
gelak saje... and there are many other leceh function that we learn today.

me, farahin ewa, and kak nik.
four annoying people at the back
making noise sampai cekgu suh diam.ish3.

"are you guys with me?"
staring at us... " u guys are not with me now"

admit that. we are chatting to each other.. huuu... sowi cekgu. but we did what cekgu has told us to do!

"why did u guys look very bz today? do you have anything today?"asking everybody in the class.
four people at the back... "yes! we have presentation today!" with the very loud voice. heh.

tyme after tyme..

and we learn how to make a chart.
"choose which chart that you like"....
people four at the back...and again with a loud voice." doughnut!... pie!" (read: seyes there is doughnut chart. go and check yourself.and of course la ade pie chart kan. heheh)

"why do you choose doughnut or pie? are you hungry right now?"
people four at the back. with the loud voice of course. "yes!! we are very hungry!"
"okeh, u can go after you finish making the chart"

so fast and furious....we finished making the chart.

"can we go now?" with smile in our face.
" yes, you may go now"
"thank you!" big grin! :DDDD

the class was not so boring next week. sure i will go again. heheh. :P

and we are super damned hungry!!! from the beginning of the class lagik...
makna tyme!
and the four of us makan besa today! heheh..
kushari la as usual (read: farahin's favourite)
with ewa treating us pizza.
and kak nik treating us fathirah bikrimah.
oyh....geler kenyang! and happy!!!!! hehehe

today is our last pbl session.
hepatitis with liver cirhosis. itu ker diagnosis die??
no more presentation after this! yeah!
err... for this sem laaa i mean....

i present la today.. to be the first grup.
luckily the second person. bout anatomy of the liver.
nahhh.. it nothing big. huhuh. sengal jer ketika present. hahak.

but dunno why.
today's session was geler bosan! adoih!
sepeti sumer org tade semangat..

that all for today... rajin pule daku menaip. heheh.

here are clip video...last kiss song perform by alexandrian medical student during malaysian day ritu. suke sore budak ituh. heheh...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


ade org xske saye ckp sengal.
tapi nak cakap jugak kat cni.

dun get me wrong.
saye sengal bahu lah..
xsalah la kan saye gune pekataan sengal ituh. heh

sangat saket bahu kanan inih.
sakit ketika blaja.
sakit ketika tido.
sakit ketika berjalan
sakit ketika angkat barang.
sakit ketika menaip.
sakit ketika menulis.
sangat sakit ketika menggalas beg.

saket laaa....lenguh trase sentese....
cene nak ilangkan kesengalan diri bahu ku inih?

tetibe teringat..
referred pain ade kah?
erk... bukan lah kot... tidak.. tidak...

bahu... ilanglah kesakitan...~

nih gamba tyme malaysian day arituh.. =)

malaysian day


Monday, May 5, 2008


lame laa sangat xbejumpe yeh.. hahah...
dan sebenanye.. internet telah memuncol sejak semalam lagik.
tapi tade mud utk mengupdet blog. heh.

siang semakin panjang.
malam pule semakin pendek..
lagik2 sejak daylight saving nih. haih.
maghrib pukol 7.40++.. err.. xsure exact tyme. hehe..
isyak pule kol 9 lebeh2. adoih!
biler abeh solat sume and start to study mau nak dekat kol seplo.
pukol bape mahu tdo inih? yikes!

biler tade tenet bagus gak sebenanye.....
banyak mase untuk maen game tgk citer tido study.
tapi susah lah!
xdapat nak ceting ngan beliau bace email2 sherif.
(read: sherif tuh assistant of prof nagwa yang akan menghantar mail kalo klas cancel ker... prac tade ker.. and sume announcement la regarding our class..)
dan susah jugak mahu call umah. huuu...

Saturday, May 3, 2008


nih yang malas nak online nih.
buwat trase kecik ati jer..
tammo laaa... adoi!

Friday, May 2, 2008


thanx for all the wishes!
thanx for the presents!
thanx for the surprise party-lah-kot. haha
thanx for your call. :)
tenkiu! tenkiu!

biler da berumur doplo..
trase makin anggun ayu cun matang pule.. hahah..

cheese cake xdapat lagik.sobsob..

umah tade tenet lagik.. ibarat katak di bawah tempurung walopon dok kat tingkat lapan. heh.
time kaseh yang tolong mengangkat barang....
time kasey yang datang dan membawe makanan. sangat ramai! hehehe.....

ja ne!