Wednesday, May 21, 2008


the last one. akhirnyer! choc of birthday present.. heheh

i was very ill last nite. i think. my body temperature risen up. err.. didnt measure though. and las nyte was very hot nyte. fuh! it quite sum tyme i am getting sick. it miserable. huuu... sadness all around.

alhamdulillah. i get better this morning. go to lecture as usual. but, got some blurred vision. jus my eyes cant focused on the object.somewhat pain on my eyes.. hmm. i dunno the exact term lah. what was it eh? and when exposed to hot weather, i start to get headche. jus mild kot. but still up till now. huuu... overall, i think i am fine now. maybe jus fatigue and need lotssss some rest.

our skill class today held in university hospital on topic of jaundice. and we met a patient. he was a lawyer. was, which he is until about 5 month ago. neva mind bout his job. about 2 years ago he has jaundice. he was actually did not notice it but his family did. so he went to see doctors and the lab diagnosis say that he was having hepatitis C virus. CT scan show fibrosis at right lobe of his liver. and he was treated with supportive treatment. he has history of birharziasis at 10 years old but it is treated.

he was okay then until january 2008 when he got epistaxis and admitted to hospital. then he is diagnosed having tumor in his liver. he has been in hospital for 5 month and now, he is undergo conservative treatment such radiofrequency and waiting for new drug from germany. the doctor say something bout using interferone for the treatment but he did not use it. in my understanding, it is the way to treat his condition as the doctor told us. but maybe due to many factor he did not use interferone.

i pray him better health. and have strong will to fight against his cancer.

:. hmm.. i shud learn arabic by hook or by crook! what going to happen in my clinical year nati?! adoih!

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