Thursday, May 15, 2008

it all about the music

have u heard about flirty @10.30.
for those who is a listener, i am so sure u ever heard about this show.
honestly speaking, i luv to hear the show.heheh.
listening online la of course.
it is basically about u hav crush on someone.
and u are tooo shy to ask him/her out for date.
so u ask to help u set up the date by sending your detail and all that.
for the lucky winner, will call you,
asking why u want to go date with him/her
on air....
then they will call the person u asked for the date.
on air la jugak.
kinda risking yourself to be rejected by him/her with malaysian are listening
or lucky enough him/her will agree to go on a date with you.

but actually, i my deep...deep opinion.
it was just like stupid i also stupid love listen to the show?? erk!
as it was usually girl who is asking boy for a date.
erk.. helloo..... in a national radio station?? adoih
ask them yourself sudae...... heh

noo... i am not courage them to go out for a date.
especially for malay people which of course la they are Muslim.
it not nice laaa... but people nowadays.
i dunno how to say.
and i wont say too much because i know i am not that perfect to say such a thing.

semalam last sc with kak jojie for this 2nd year. no more after this since we will have our exam soon.
since most of us will going back to malaysia. our main discussion is mainly about remaje2 kat malaysia. to be honest, i am grateful i was here, in egypt. with the better surrounding (read: from the social aspect laaa).

guess what.
kak jojie bake a cake for qhalida and and me for our birthday. hehehe.. :D
it was marble choc cheese cake! worh! it awesome!
theheheheeeee... at las, i can hav my cheese cake. :D
tenkiu kak jojiee!!!! i am gonna miss ur cook for sure! hehheh.

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