Friday, May 30, 2008

kinda bz lately dan tenet macam chipsmore.

hanye lah kotak yang berisi blueberry cheesecake di dalam nye. heheh. smart kan kotak tuh. errr.. tak ker? whatever u say. but i think the box is pretty cool. hahah. and of course, the cheesecake is awesome. not super damned delicious i think but satisfied la. =)

ehem. tade sape nak blanje lah. me-ewa-farahin tros menuju ke hot and cold after anatomy practical exam. the exam? screwd one question that supposed to answer it right. do not change your answer yer kawan2. and the rest? serahkan pade yang pakar. hohoh. alhamdulillah. and need to struggle for finals.

back to hot and cold story. name kedai laaa.. spending our tyme waiting for geler lambat org tuh buwat keje. jus nak pack 4 cake into the boxes and make 2 cappuccino ice and 1 hazelnut drink-or-whatever-it-name-i-forgot-la eating those cheesecakes and cappuccino-ice-ewa-blanje. heheh... sedap2!

selepas inih da de target baru. after exam parasitology prac we plan to have some sultana's icecream. promise to treat them both though. i wonder what's nex. wait until parasit exam la. sure we hav new plan. hahah. :P

my story is all about makan today. heheh. petang smlm pule pegi umah dila. we have never been there. err. i mean me and kay. dila penah ckp seblom nih "korang datang la umah aku... bebile pon xkesa... nati aku masak la." wink! heheh. so kami dtg sesaje utk makan melawat beliau dan umah beliau. heheh. thanx dila. tp makan sket jer pon sebab beliau masak pedas.. huuu... can't eat a lot.

biler blk umah nyesal makan cket jer. haha. trase lapar lah pulak. bz all night in front of laptop. heheh. wont tell ya. :P until half an hour before midnight someone called ask me to go down. jus for few minutes. erk.. apekah? da lambat lah. adoih! neway time kaseh yeh hadralmaut tuh. sedaaapp. geler kenyang dan tdo dengan gembirenye selepas kekenyangan. heheh. :P

=tenet nih bebetol macam chipsmore. kejap ade jap tade. i need to call my family before they go to pd. and before i get homesick la for not calling home. and i am sure i would be jealous for the family day they have planned. huwaaaaaa...T_T =

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