Thursday, May 8, 2008

#sebey lagik : [currently happy :D]

Last person you called:
home shuwit home. =)

Last sms from:
me amor ke org laen ek? mungkin da delete las msg. huhuh..

Last sms to:
me amor..

Last hangin out with:
kay and intan. go to sc.

Last person angry with you:
i think no one... =)

Last person make you feel angry:
i am in a gud mud. so, did not angry to anyone. =)

Last gossip:
haaaa... brebut laa kome.... hahah... budak2 xmatured mahu budak kecik ituh. hahah..

Last person say i luv u to you:
las nite? :P

Last chat with:
my 2nd sis and in d same tyme wit me amor la. heheh

Last song you listened to:
teardrop on my guitar. kat

Last holiday:
luxor and aswan.

Last movie at cinema:
kat masia lame dulu..

Last dvd:
dvd citer nodame? heheh

Last dream:
hahah. org ituh? xingat la mimpi ape... :P

You still love someone, but someone
else comes to you, will you open your
definitely NO. one and only laaa... heheh

Do you easily fall in love with
emm. ye ke ek? it taking sum tyme la jugak without me realize. hahah.. =P

What makes you fall in love with
hahah. why shud i tell u here? lalalalala~

With whom can you always tell about
your love life?
khay? heheh..

Have you broke someone's heart?
entah. mcm xde jer.. =)

What will you do if your bestfriend
(opp sex) falls in love with you?
errr... it will never happen maybe.

What language(s) have you studied?
malay, english, arabic, jawe? hahah..

Do you cook?
yes. every 5 days...

Have you ever seen a ghost?
nope. i dun want to..

How do you keep memories?
gamba ber my personal diaries? hahah..

Will you forget your friends?
hope not...

How do you heal a broken heart?
glue rather than stich it. so less scar are formed. hehe.

Do you prefer to watch the movie or
read the book?
book before exam. movie before after exam.

Who are you currently missing right
khay. i saw sumone like her today. huuu..

is there a person who is on your mind
right now?
me amor? hehe

where is the last place you went?
kedai roti Fino. membeli croissant choc. geler lapa.

do you smile often?
depend on mud jugak. try to smile always.. =)

who is the last person you hate?
no one.

++ thanx for make my day... :D ++

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