Tuesday, February 24, 2009


it happen again.
i have waited for quite some times.
and it looks like the damage is permanent.

i shouldnt let people borrow my laptop at the first place.
haih. haih. haih.
no. no. not blaming anyone here.

please come back.
yes, i cant live without you.
and i am sooooo lazy to find the new one.
kalo ade lowyat kat sini then it shudn be a problem lah.

merajok la ngan encek charger. tammo makan! huh. lapa nye. huhuk.
the exam is about to over. how can i enjoy my holiday then? hurmmmmmmmmm....

1 penyebok:

dijahsaad said...

kesiannya.laptop rosak..
takpelah, usah disesali...
banyak jasa laptop tu...