Saturday, February 7, 2009

sudah habis exam anatomy. boleh simpan buku.

ingat kan ain nadhirah yang tag penat la tgk kat blog mane tag nye. upe nye ain nasir yeeekk. haha. okeh2. untuk membuang sedikit mase yang ade di petang hari selepas exam nih. mari membuat tag. mak pesan tadik. berehat tuh penting jugak. :P

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1. i am in the month of exam now. though i think time flew very fast but it already the end of lets struggle till it over. and as always. "harungi exam dengan tabah" that what i said to myself since form 5. haha

2. i eat egg everyday. yes, every single day. my atok saudara (what we called that in english?) told us to eat egg everyday especially the nourish you with almost all vitamins and minerals needed in our body. some hate the yolk cause it doesnt taste good, high cholestrol content and bla. bla. bla. but trust me the white part is just albumin.

3. eating-chocholate-is-part-of-my-daily-life.

4. i'm worry if i cant be at home during my sis wedding. sure it make me so sad! hellooooo, the first wedding in the family and i am not around. better killed myself lah. huhuk. and it would be the first grandchild at mom's side too. =) oh hafizi ko biler nak kawen?. hahaha.

5. i hope my plan in october with my sis will go according to plan. i am worry starting of my clinical the schedule would be eh?. yalah, i know you got the ticket already, and ask me to run for my ticket quickly. saba2.

6. i have my histology written exam in 2 days time. i should start study tonight. my head feels dizzy. i already took a nap but no change. paracethamol? never. it melt down my short term memory lah.

7. i think macbook is cool gila. yes, i fell for it when i read in someone's blog who just bought it.i do like since ages but after read it i shud have one later! but i dont know when. maybe after one year working. hohoh. and kak long, it much way cooler than Dell Studio XPS tuh lah kot. :P

8. i realized last night. i hardly fall asleep in the night of exam. haih. haih. it took me almost one hour to sleep! and since i learn physiology, it is due to increase activity of reticular activating system during stress. exam somewhat makes me stress lah jugak.

9. i want to read the new novel i just bought. but it exam season now. huhuk. cant wait till exam is over. i already start reading but couldn't stop once i read. so better not to read now.

10. last time i scaling my weight, they have gain some. wawawa. it made me euphoric. but still under weight la.

11. i just bought long sleeve shirt from carrefour and cost me only L.E 14.90. very comfy and green and nice. hohoh. best buy of the month.

13. cant wait for my summer holiday. i want to shop at malaysia!

14. someone has already bought me a birthday present. hahah.

14. i never been to city star, cairo. pathetic huh. it already 3 years me in egypt. hahaha. like i have much time to go there. you should know how busy i am. hmmphhh.

15. can i have any novel from sophie kinsella for my birthday? heehheh. shut up noure. its not even april to talk about it!

16. i'm waiting for my primary school frend to come here in alex as he said so before the holiday. promise to treat him something wheni am in malaysia last time. huhu. he's in zagazig by the way. where are you ha fren? it's like 3-4 years from our last met.

17. why it is not 25 yet? haih. i am tired to squeeze my brain lah. what else ha?

18. i love you. for whom it may concern. heeehe

19. when i will be able to design my shoes and order it from boonga? busy gila. already have in my mind but how to design? duh!

20. people can be somewhat annoying sometimes. so i choose to closed my mouth,saying as humble as i can. haha

21. i got postcard from madrid and rome not long time ago from frens who has went looks like a nice place to go. i wish to go there someday with my hubby. :P

22. i think i need a haircut. my hair seems growing rapidly. it long already. hey, i just cut you off at malaysia last time. hurmmm.

23. hey moon, please forget to fall down. nothing. just humming a song.

24. my english suck. it is soo true rite? hahah

25. pray for me for the exam. =) my best wishes for you to.

5 penyebok:

dalilyD-LA~~ said...

hye mek noure!!!


asza xsuke mkn the yolk tu...die asek suro chibi mkn
chibi membsr dgn sehat tapi tidak tuannya

kem slm kat chibi eh


k h a y said...

pjg kemain!!! isau ak nak bace. takot skt mate. hakhak

ain_dira said...

rajin gele menyenaraikan sume2 benda tu....hahak..x tahu nak komen ape daa..

pape pun, gud luck for ur final..

Fathiah_Farid said...

hehe...gud luck i ur exam!!

noure said...

dila, penat dah aku membebel kat asza. tamo jugaak dengo ckp. huhuh

khay, tayah bace la gitu. hehe

ain, lepas tensen after exam. hahaha...

gat, mekaseh fatt! :D