Sunday, March 15, 2009

first day of new sem, lots of abbreviations already!

hye guys!
eceh. agak bajet di situ.

the holiday is over. wish i could have more holidays! haih.just before sleep last night i wish i wake up late in the morning. i mean after subuh prayer, some more sleep and not aware of time and running late and could not be in time for lecture and YOU WISH! hahaha. it was not happened to me today. though i woke up pretty late, still lazing around on my bed, thinking of what to wear today. and when it already 7.30 am and still not taking your bath, there you start to gelabah. eh2, cool la juga. 10 minutes to eight when me and kay going out. running over taxi and arrived at lecture hall 8.00 am on the dot! good to see the lecture hall is still empty! err, i mean there are just few people inside. and who expect EVERYBODY is going to lecture on the first day anyway. some still wandering around the world, and some still dreaming they are in heaven. heh


so this is 2nd semester of third year, ad my last semester of preclinical year! yeah. eh2. why my friend in mansoura has already in their clinical year???? i'm wondering. i dont have chance to meet her again after the sports day last time. sob3. oh, she's manchester program by the way.

talk about the picture below! i have clean up my room .errm, i think tidying up things in the room suit it more. heehe. still looking for book shelf. hurm!

so-called meja solek without a mirror. hahah. put back things in place so it wont get mess. remember that noure! oh, no eye shadow mascara lipstick what so ever. i am soooo not into it lah. heh.

i dont like the wrapper very much la to be honest. i mean that one on the wall. i heart the stripey on the desk! err.table (?) :D

to whom it may concern. i'm going back on 28th of july 2009 by QATAR Airways from Alexandria. departure time at 2025 and arrival time at 1355. do wait me in KLIA ye! :D

the hand-key is broken. haih. haih.

5 penyebok:

z a w a n i b a d r i said...

nak kene p jemput ke cik noure?

noure said...

kene2! hohoh

ain_dira said...

kena jemput ko, kena la belanja makan yek..hahaha

k h a i r i y a h said...

amboi, byk nye brg peribadi. hakhak.

noure said...

ain, baru balik tade duit ringgit lagik. lom tuka. so tade duit nak blanje makan. huhuh.

khay, mane de byk pon. haha