Monday, May 25, 2009

palestine evergreen


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tetibe dapat comment.macam tawu je sape yang bagi comment tuh :P

On May 25 PALESTINE EVERGREEN commented on locked 004: “blog anda telah disenaraikan dalam blog list kami. tahniah! :)”
i will try to contribute as i can. =) mari rakan-rakan. kita menyahut seruan kempen PALESTIN EVERGREEN ni. untuk kesedaran diri sndri jugak nih. bagus2.

quickie update:

deary khay! happy birthday busuk! worry me not keh. aku akie dokie saja skang. nanti ada masa aku reply mail.sangat bz skang. i know you always there for me. rindu ar wey!

mid-term getting nearer. still have few more presentation left.

please, let the sun shine tomorrow with good news along. HOPING. and Still Hoping.

anatomy practical exam on wednesday. movie marathon of ANATOMY revision class. heheh. still watching.

kak long, dont forget to tell B-I-L that i want the gadget okeh. update of my ticket, i will confirm to you later. pray hard for me lah!

p.s: sory dear friend. seems i cant give the password. no worry lah. it just crap! :P

2 penyebok:

kakak said...

i pray u must pray very hard too lah!

Dear Allah, please let my sister back before my wedding. i really need her to tidy up my room, to do some decoration to my bunga telur, to listen to all my whining and nagging, to wear our uniform cloth so we could have boria in our family and to help mom doing currypuff..heh :P owh, and for shopping matters tho our taste are quite diffrent but who cares!..hehe


p/s: B.I.L very bz rite now. x berani nak btau..wait haa...sabbaaarrrrr....

k h a i r i y a h said...

hey mek! okai, kalo gitu. so, jgn bermuram durja lgi okeh! nnt kao oL, ak IM ya!

take care!!