Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh busy

saya busy dengan presentation minggu ini.

okay, esok presentation for our group assignments and i bet no one is coming except for the group ourselves since there is no lecture for tomorrow and it will be the beginning of eid adha holiday. maybe some has already in their flight back home or any part of the world.

but who cares, as long as dr ayman is there. and ready to shoot with questionsss. (-_-")

ohkay, ohkay, i was supposed to revise the slide but instead i am playing games on my itouch, blogging, and other unnecessary things while someone who is waiting patiently keep pushing me to finish up my studies as early as i can since i want to sleep early tonight. HAHAHA.

see, i told you. keep saying, STUDY2 for thousand and one times. haih. haih. i dont know where he learnt reading my mind. no need to ask, he'll give me the answer without me asking. scary. scary. and now he knew i am not study eh? ok lah. i want to get back on track and finish studying so that you can bug me again and again. haih haih. haih

and again

[10:01:03 PM] abdulrahmansaad says: abeskan study cepat!

okai. okai. baek boss!!!!!!!!

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