Monday, April 5, 2010

say anything

Here I am on the phone again and...Awkward silences on the other end
I used to know the sound of a smile in your voice But right now (right now ) all I feel (all I feel) is the pain of fighting starting up again
All the things we talk about You know they stay on my mind, on my mind All the things we laugh about they'll bring us through it every time, After time, after time
Some say that time changes, best friends can become strangers But I don't want that, no not for you If you just stay with me we can make it through
So here we are again the same old argumentNow I'm wondering if things will ever changeWhen will you laugh again, laugh like you did back whenWe'd make noise 'til 3 am, And the neighbors would complain

not a full lyric pon. ah sudah, sekarang suka lah pulak mengepost-ngepost lirik lagu. oi sejak bile kau berjiwa-jiwa nih noure? hmmm. well, the song suit me well lah. suka hati ku. ;)

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