Thursday, April 15, 2010

a temporary goodbye

as we all know already, today is our last day in OBGYN. but no worry, we will complete this obgyn round for another 2 months(?) next year. by next year i mean, 5th year lah.
i was in group 5. which i think we have the most dedicated and devoted teacher. ;)
sume cikgu sangat punctual ohh. tapi yang tak menarik dipandang, bila student yang selalu lambat. sampai cikgu nak start kelas pon kene tunggu semua orang sampai. bila dah tau doctor akan datang awal, get the tune, comes early. what they might say when we alwaysss come late for class. sungguh kurang enak sekali, kawan-kawan datang la awal ye kalau dah tau cikgu akan datang awal. 5 minit lambat tak kisah sangat kot. but 15 -20 minutes kind of bit too much lah. kita pun akan rugi masa nak belajar. ini juga peringatan untuk diri sendiri di masa hadapan. ;)

Dr Ameera, the beautiful light grey iris. i adore her eyes!
Dr. Sameer. Always get home at 4-on-the-dot.
Dr. Hossam. like the way he teach tho.
Dr. Mahmoud .ultrasound time. ;)
the busiest Dr Hisham. our head of department. drooling over his Macbook Pro. haha
Dr Hassan Mansour. i think he is the coordinator for our group.kot. good job. good job.
Dr. Amru(?). thanks for the Suzanne Mubarak trip. ;)

bye bye OBGYN. sure im gonna miss jeritan ibu-ibu nak beranak. haha. oh, i have no picture with one of the professor because i was not going to class on that day. the day i fell sick, remember?

paediatrics group, take a good side of it. surely i miss surgery group.

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ain_dira said...

mmg grup ko muslimah2 eh? x.maksudnye, baek je..