Friday, October 22, 2010

Freaky Friday

howdy people!

its friday, means it weekend baby!*big grin*

nothing much i did this morning, waking up around 830, sitting on my desk, on laptop, checking on emails, noticed the list for 2nd elective course was out, and luckily i got my first choice. alhamdulillah. ;)

then thinking of doing assignment, but i prefer to watch big bang theory Season 3 first. teheehe. Bazinga! forcing the sleeper to wake up. shesh, sleeping for the damn whole day. ish ish ish.

attempt of taking shower but sadly, the water was too slow, and just end up brushing my teeth. harhar. hey i still wangi i tell you. then i was too lazy to fry some egg for breakfast or making hot milo or cereal, oh just remember i still have choc milk in the fridge. so yeay, cold choc milk for breakfast. -__- i want roti canai. sob sob

working on my assignment then, while listening to and nowww, listening to khutbah Jumaat at the moment.

plan of going to carrefour after jumaat prayer to buy printer, hey of course i'm gonna take my bath first mind you.

we'll see how the rest of the day going.

there goes my weekend. esok dah sekolah balik. sigh!

2 penyebok:

k h a y said...

i ate roti canai today! yay! said...

aku pun pelik lah noure
apesal korang2 ni slalu bnasib baik
mmg nasib baik btul lah,dpt skali jugak ngan kay n ya.
smgu lagi paeds ni