Monday, April 18, 2011


first day of ophthalmology.

i've been busy enjoying myself idling around for many days since the ophthalmology round has started. tons of new word to digest, yet i still not start to process it tho. and now i'm having INDIGESTION. wawawa. blur whenever new words came out from the doctor's mouth. haih.

enough with the resting. i should start check-in to Meja Study Noure and back to business. *semoga rajin hehe*

i'm longing for simple butter cake since long ago. finally, i made one for myself. hahaha not that u can proud of, but the taste was okay la i think. i'm soo not into baking yaw. eh sedap okai! hehe

greeny mediterranean. ;) it felt like i'm in the peak of summer season for the last two days. phew!

2 penyebok:

diba said...

macam kamen rider gak r... haha
whats the creamy one kat kek ko tuhh?

noure said...

tuh saje je as deco. hehe. orange buttercream frosting.