Monday, July 30, 2012

i iz a doctor

i never thought the harsh reality of becoming a doctor begin soon after we finished our exam. a day break and today we start our pre-intership. you're now no longer a student. real doctor as you should. that scared me quite enough. i thought this pre-intership merely the same as our usual clinical round plus we're in the month of Ramadhan so i hope it's not gonna be that heavy.

in your dream lah. i got cardiology department for the first week, got separated from my husband sobss. and we gonna have shift system. 9am-3pm. 3pm-9pm. 9pm-9am. gulp! our shift gonna start tomorrow as today all the student still in shock. haha. we have really no idea what gonna happen in our pre-intership till this morning. hmphhhh.  so tomorrow i'll start with morning shift, the day after evening shift and for the next day night shift, and next day break. so i think it is bearable. i get to break fasting and sahur in hospital. yeayyyyy *cry*

i heard CCU is the BEST of all. 9am-9pm.9pm-9am. and of course, i chose CCU among those 3 dept we need to complete. cry me a river. hati kena mahu tabah! my husband in OBGYN now, and from what he said, they dont have night shift yeay. my turn will come. just be patient.  i cant wait to complete this 3 weeks of pre-intership though i havent started officially!

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