Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

rindu makanan malaysia yang best-best tuh huwah! ;(

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Anonymous said...

Ramadan Mubarak? :)

where in Egypt do you study? do you go to an Arabic university like Al-Azhar?

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Anonymous said...

also, the fact that you've stayed in Egypt for quite a long time, does that also mean that you know how to communicate in Arabic fairly well? :)

maybe with an Egyptian accent too? :o)


noure said...

ramadhan kareem.

i just finished my 6 years course of medicine in alexandria university. ;) since my course is fully in english i dont have much opportunity to learn arabic well. just some basic egyptian arabic to buy groceries.
nice to know u btw ;)

Anonymous said...

how very impressive... studying medicine in an Arab country :) Masha-Allah, that's very nice :)

sister in Islam, what's your name? Is it Nour? You must come from a very rich family in Malaysia that your mom and/or dad were able to send you abroad to study :)

Masha-Allah :)

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